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Leaked phone conversation between Abigail Igwe’s friend & John Fashanu

John Fashanu and Abigail Onyekwelu

In the latest development of the love story turned sour, a secret conversation of a man that sounds like John Fashanu and a mutual friend of the former couple has leaked on the Internet.

In the leaked phone conversation, the friend can be heard to be pleading to the former Wimbledon footballer to recant recent news stories of Abigail Igwe being a lesbian, violent and greedy.

The man allegedly identified as John Fashanu can be heard claiming that he has the media under his control, and that he is world famous. Listen to the conversation and also read excerpts from it

Friend: …..I also read that she is a lesbian and am like no! no!, who wrote that no, but Uncle Fash you shouldn’t have, I mean your old, I mean you are matured man, you shouldn’t write, I mean! no! No!

Fash: Everybody wants to be in the media, and I will write rubbish, you wanna fight Ok, that’s fine… I will fight.

Friend: But atleast everyone knows Abigail is not a lesbian, Fash, can you just counter all those things, please I beg you in God’s name.

Fash: …yeah ask her to counter her things first, that’s the thing you should be doing, please.

FRIEND: I also heard she was married three times, I said no!

FASH: That was a misquote

FRIEND: I think its maybe a misquote and that she is 53years old. WOW! I said, she should be 49 or so.

FASH: 53? No! that is a horrible thing because the papers are on my side, they are my people, they add 3 digits …they will always say more because they are my people, because some of the boys I give them N100,000 every month to protect my interest

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