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List Of Most Corrupt States in Nigeria, Number One Is?


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The National Corruption Survey 2017 which was carried out by Dr. Yemi Kale The Statistician General of the Federation / CEO Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics, the survey which with the use of graphics explained one of the greatest challenges we have as a country. It shows the various workings of corruption, those affected and those that enacted it. The survey as we will see has the South West and North West has the highest number of bribes paid to public officials. Guess who tops the chart, of course, �Eko Oni Baje”.

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the south west includes the following states:
1. Lagos
2. Ogun
3. Osun
4. Oyo
5. Ekiti
6. Ondo
And in the North West w have the following
7. Kaduna
8. Zamfara
9. Kano
10. Katsina
11. Jigawa
12. Kebbi
13. Sokoto
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The most common bribe in Nigeria are paid to Policemen and the least is paid to nurse.
Note that the Buhari led administration has proposed a zero tolerance in corruption and have promised a corrupt free country.

Even if I doubt this survey, for the fact that policemen were stated to receive bribe more than any other public official makes it genuine.

corruption information naijavibe.net


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