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Man Kills Wife Over Fear He Had Given Her HIV

Man kills wife over fear he had given her HIV

A wife has been killed by her own husband over an HIV fear and it’s making international headline news.
64-year-old Eugene Maraventano killed his wife, Janet, 63, because she was ill and he was worried that he gave her HIV, cancer, or another disease.
And he was having this worry because�he had�slept with prostitutes and feared he had contracted HIV or other diseases and passed them onto his wife Janet�– though no one knows what�his wife�was suffering from.

So, while the wife was sleeping, Eugene attacked her with a kitchen knife and stabbed her to death. He confessed to having considered buying a gun to kill her, but decided not to because he’s not a violent person.

After stabbing his wife the suspect allegedly tried to commit suicide, but instead decided to kill his 27-year-old son Bryan.�Because he felt bad for�him as he�doesn’t “have a girlfriend” and “plays video games” all day.�So he went into his son’s room and stabbed him twice.

According to the medical reports, Janet and Bryan had been dead for a few days�before Maraventano called 911. He is currently�facing two counts of first-degree murder.

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