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Meet the man who is set to be king of Instagram [PHOTOS]

Tony Toutouni and his many women

A billionaire businessman named Tony Toutouni has risen to fame and might soon be crowned the King of Instagram, due to his lavish display of wealth and opulence on the social media sight. His posts are centered around women cars, parties and money. He has gained a following of 25,000 followers just 8 months after opening account.

While speaking with UK Mirror, he said;

What man in this world can’t say this isn’t the lifestyle they want to live? It’s a lifestyle that every man wants to live and I enjoy living it. “As a single guy, I dated many, many women. Being young in LA and having anything you want, it’s not that hard to get any girl you want. I don’t want to compete with Dan but people are saying that I’ve grown dramatically and extremely fast I can tell you that”,

“But Dan is actually a friend of mine and the whole Instagram thing started because he was posting on it. I saw that his Instagram following was growing pretty fast so I started doing it. The more I posted, the more people would tag and tag”.

Tony made his fortune after he purchased a nightclub in Hollywood, California, when he was just 19 years old.

“It became very successful and so I sold it and purchased another one”, he said.
“I also invested in car dealerships and different ventures – restaurants, bars. I’d build businesses to be successful and then sell them for a profit”.

Tony Toutouni and his women

Tony Toutouni

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