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MI speaks on ‘dissing’ Olamide

MI speaks on 'dissing' Olamide

MI responded to a question by fellow Rapper Phenom in the ‘Rap Battle’ segment of RELOADED Magazine Nov issue

“Look at my history, I have beef with someone, I mention their names. ‘Akpata’ wasn’t targeted at anyone. A few people went to town saying it was targeted at Olamide but it wasn’t. I’m saying that because a lot of people have implied that because I said a line about DaGrin, I was dissing Olamide If anyone got the wrong idea, I apologize. The line about DaGrin was more about DaGrin than it was about anyone else. DaGrin was a hero. He was a real success story for the streets. He was special, he had an energy that was like nothing else. When he died, nothing else mattered to entertainers; he was that special. I think Olamide is super creative and so is Reminisce and i think to far they have done great with indigenous ‎rap but DaGrin will stay in a special place”

The controversial lyrics read

“Omo I miss Dagrin the streets they miss him too

Cause ever since he left we got nothing to listen to

These rappers missed his shoe

Nobody speaking truth”

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