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Mother refuses to breastfeed her baby because she was born with two front teeth (Photos)

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A mother, Vicky Griffiths, has spoken of her shock after she gave birth to a baby girl with two fully formed front teeth.
According to her, she was so shocked that even though she had planned to breastfeed her little baby before giving birth, she changed her mind after seeing the newborn’s teeth.

The new baby Eva Faith astounded nurses and midwives as well as her family when she was born.
DailyMail reports that initially, nobody realised and it was only when Mrs Griffiths went to have a bath after giving birth that her husband Steven spotted the teeth in his daughter’s lower jaw.

Mrs Griffiths, a 26-year-old child minder, said:

‘When I came back into the room Steven said, �she’s got teeth, you know! We were in shock, and so were the midwives.
She had her mouth closed to begin with, so we didn’t notice. It was quite bizarre to see them.
I kept asking the midwives and nurses what I could give Eva if she was in pain, but nobody was able to answer me. They just kept going away and then coming back with more people to look at Eva’s teeth. Nobody could believe it.
When we came out of hospital I went to see my GP and he said that he had never heard of this happening before.
Midwives with 25-years’ experience were also saying they’d never seen it.

She added: ‘I had been planning to breastfeed, but when I saw Eva’s teeth I was put off. I don’t think anybody could blame me!’

Little Eva Faith was born on September 8 and is now at home with her parents and older sisters Elizabeth, seven, and Emily, five, in Redcar, Cleveland.

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