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My Daughters Must See Themselves As Equal To Men – Daddy Freeze

Daddy FreezeCool FM OAP, Daddy Freeze has revealed, for all who care to listen, that he is currently raising his daughters to see themselves as equal to men.

The controversial pastor said if his daughter hits a man and he hits her back, he is not expecting her to rush back home crying to him.

His words, “I raise my daughters to consider themselves equal to men in privileges, opportunities, and rights. If my daughter should slap a man, she CAN never come crying to me, claiming that she was slapped by a man, if she slapped the man first. As long as what the man gives her is in equal measure to what she gave him, I won’t take her side. This is how I raise my daughters. ~FRZ.”

The same man recently opened up about the lack of faithfulness in relationships and how he is of the opinion that most Nigerian men are like Jeff Bezos who is caught in a divorce scandal.

His words then, “In my opinion, 90 percent of Nigerian men are like Jeff Bezos. The only problem is they pray a lot more and earn substantially less. Many of the married women bashing Bezos, including wives of pastors, are probably being cheated upon right now as we speak. The sad thing is that if their husbands leave them, most won’t smell 140,000 naira let alone half of a $140 billion fortune.

“Some of you husbands forming holy holy. I’m fasting for 40days with my ‘G’ Hoe while your wives and girlfriends are enjoying the taste of #Asiwaju, God himself will expose you all.🤮🤢 I NEVER support cheating in a relationship and I don’t cheat, but worse than cheating is hypocrisy, I have zero tolerance for that. So, if your husband has never cheated on you, or you have never cheated on your wife before, feel free to cast the first stone at Bezos, if not, please do the world a favor and STFU! ~FRZ#FreeTheSheeple.”

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