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My wife proposed to me – Charley Boy


�In an interview with Vanguard Charles boy tells how his wife intimidated him to marry her. Read below:

“It wasn’t much of love at first sight than more of companionship at a time.Yes, I was prepared to settle down before I met her. I had �been married twice or thrice but it didn’t work out for
me. I was leaving one relationship when I met her. More or less, she was filling the gap kind of a thing. My parents had met her several times in Boston. I didn’t know she was going to be my wife. I wanted to marry a Nigerian �and not an American. But she was all over me, and when I wanted to return to Nigeria �in 1980/1981, she bought her own ticket �under the guise that she was coming to spend two weeks in Nigeria, only for her to end up spending six months.
So, my parents were worried that she should go back to her country to give me chance to look for a wife. She was supposed to book for a ticket to return to America. One day, she woke up and said to me: �Marry me or I will never come back to Nigeria.” That was how I was intimidated into marrying her. I didn’t propose to her, rather she was the one who proposed to me. That ‘s why I said I was intimidated into �marrying her.”

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