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NBC’s 6th Broadcast Code Will Hinder The Growth Of Nollywood – Uche Jombo

Uche Jombo

Uche Jombo

Nollywood celebrities have come out to react to the recently released National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) 6th Broadcast Code which takes away their exclusive right to contents they created.

Reacting, Mary Remmy Njoku, the Director-General of ROK Studios recently revealed that even if NBC claimed it is trying to protect local broadcasters, the fresh policy will take away their negotiating power as the agency seeks to be one to negotiate how much they will sell their content even if they are losing money.

According to Uche Jombo, NBC is attempting to make things more difficult for them despite not creating enabling environment for the entertainment industry to thrive.

Uche added that the new policy will hinder the growth of the Nigerian movie industry.

Jason Njoku had this to say, “Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) In making exclusivity illegal, compelling sub-licensing of content & regulating price, are effectively turning private enterprise into state property. Interference Distorts Markets. If implemented this 100% destroys PayTV in Nigeria

“Under these proposed terms it makes zero sense for @irokotv @ROK_DSTV @NetflixNaija @irokotv @africamagictv @FilmhouseCinema @SilverbirdTV @SceneoneTV or any other platform or independent production house to invest in local content. Zero sense. No consultation no thought. Nothing”

This our champagne socialism & zero input style of policy making is the reason Nigeria is stunted in everything. I invest billions Naira in content then I am compelled to share with everyone else as NBC sets the price Why? Dark forces or incompetence is at play here. Ridiculous.”

“For ‘national emergencies’ 20% of broadcast hours should be dedicated to well. The government. Nationalization in everything but name. So if @Tyson_Fury vs @anthonyfjoshua fight is to be shown in Nigeria. Equivalent of 30% of the license costs need to be invested in an equivalent local sport? Who will pay for that? Maybe ABC vs XYZ works for some but who will pay for it? Arise o compatriots, Nigeria call obey”

“This is for you Nigeria and Nigerians. This is the patriotism you voted for. Anything you ‘enjoy’ you just now pay more for it. You think 15% inflation is high. Wait o.”

“Soon CNN will leave it’s daily programming to show Arrival of Orji Kalu and APC and PDP conventions. Essentially be ready for NTA everywhere. This is a highest priority for NBC. HIGHEST.”

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