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Nefe Stone – Eldritch Troupe [ViDeo]

Nefestone Eldritch Troupe Artwork

Introducing Nigerian Reggae artist and fast-rising producer NEFE STONE with the brand new music video for his debut single titled �Eldritch Troupe”, inspired by the legendary Majek Fashek, Ras Kimono and all the classic Nigerian Reggae icons that have come before him.

Meaning �strange group”, his first single �Eldritch Troupe” is inspired by simply being yourself, even if it is different from the norm or what society expects. In Nefe Stone’s own words, Eldritch Troupe �promotes self-growth, while suppressing that servile character that tend to encourage an excessive willingness to serve or please others against one’s wish”.

Directed by Martin Van Londen and presented as a 70’s themed music video, the captivating visuals for �Eldritch Troupe” produce a lost tapes effect that induces a nostalgic emotion from the viewers. Like the Reggae legends before him, Nefe Stone sees his music as a platform to promote social justice as well as his anti-bullying causes.

Born in Zaria, Kaduna to parent from Onitcha, Nefe Stone now resides in Portland, Oregun where he has honed his artistic craft and flair with a sound that is deeply rooted in Roots Reggae but also excellently showcases Hip-Hop, Alt-Pop and Indie leanings. This combination of sounds has culminated in the making of his forthcoming debut album titled An Avant Gardener of which, �Eldritch Troupe” is the first single.

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