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Nigeria’s Contradictions Unite Nigerians – Galadima

GaladimaPopular politician, Alhaji Buba Galadima has come out to say that Nigeria will keep being a nation because of the contradictions that exist in its communities.

The former National Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) revealed this in a recent interview with newsmen.

According to him, the contradictions keep us together and it goes a long way in delivering good restructuring in the country.

He added that Nigeria can embrace restructuring if it is the right form of restructuring that will make the nation better.

His words, “What is keeping us as a nation is a bunch of contradictions. We shall continue to be there because of the inherent contradictions in ourselves, the community, states, and the country. So who bells the cat?”

“It is just like the clamour for the regional structure to be brought back. Is that not where we were before? Yes. But who brought us to this stage? The military. No. who was the architect of regionalism? The Sardauna of Sokoto. He was the architect and ardent believer in regionalism.

“Even as we have 36 states, there are still agitations by small groups within states, asking for states to be created within them.

“We don’t fight for what is good for the country or for everyone; we fight for what is good for individuals. That is part of the contradictions I am talking about.”

“I believe very strongly in restructuring, but what form of restructuring? Up till now, nobody has been able to define the restructuring they agitate about.

“We can do restructuring to make Nigeria better if it is the restructuring I am thinking about.”

“No politician comes to talk about “if you vote for me, I will give you borehole, I will give you electricity”. All those have been guaranteed in the agreed Plan. That is restructuring.”

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