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Nothing Is Working In Nigeria – Professor Chiweyite Ejike

Professor Chiweyite Ejike

Professor Chiweyite Ejike

Deputy Leader of the Igbo Leaders of Thought, ILOT, Professor Chiweyite Ejike has come to beg President Muhammadu Buhari and the Federal Government to listen to good advice no matter where it is coming from to rescue Nigeria from its present challenges.

A professor of Zoology, Ejike, 83, and ex vice-chancellor of the Anambra State University of Science and Technology, revealed that “if bad governance persists and remedial changes remain a receding goal, if not an outright mirage, then no one can hold back the growing choruses for resignations, restructuring, or what would be a disaster, the end of the project Nigeria.”

According to him, Nigeria is going through the pangs of death and is in urgent need of saving because our freedom is currently being trampled upon.

He added that nothing is working in Nigeria and to make the country work again, political, social and economic system changes are needed.

His words, “Our beloved country, Nigeria, is today going through the pangs of death, and needs to be saved. The principles and institutions of government – particularly the Rule of Law and Justice – are withering and are in need of restoration. Democratic rule, that is to say, rule of the people by the people, is being emasculated and is in need of sustenance and revitalisation. Freedom is being trampled upon, and needs to be unchained. The instruments of peace, order and security are in a state of malfunction, featuring killings, and displacement of persons, kidnappings, banditry, armed robbery, terrorism and other acts of criminality, and need reactivation. The moral and ethical foundations of the state are decaying and need to have fresh life breathed into them.”

“In short, nothing is working, yet the country must be made to work. To get the country to work again, as it did before 2016, requires a radical change in the political, social and economic system, irrespective of how the change is brought about, whether by peaceful or violent means. Such radical change is what is known, in common parlance, as a revolution.”

“Although President Buhari by his antecedents may not be predisposed to lead a mass movement for a national transformation which is implicit in Prof. Nwabueze’s long-running presentations and exhortations, it is still possible for him to transform to a popular national leader. President Buhari would be advised to embark on the task of becoming a people’s President with a sacred mandate to create a single nationality out of the chaos which Nigeria, today, would appear to represent.”

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