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OritseFemi Reveals How A Street Boy Like Him Got An Educated Wife.

oritse femi and wife

Nigerian artiste Oritsefemi has revealed how he got himself an educated and ‘tush’ babe as his wife.

The singer stunned many people the more when he announced he is holding a white wedding with his educated wife despite having baby mamas and daughters from them.

Speaking on how he met his ‘tush’ and educated wife when he is known as a ‘street guy’ from Ajegunle. He said: “I met her at a show in Nigeria. I had just returned from a tour in 2016 when I was hired by MultiChoice to perform at an event. When I was backstage with Daddy Showkey and other colleagues, she was the one attending to the needs of everyone despite her beauty.

�I also liked the way she related with the artistes at that event. I was far from her, so she didn’t notice I was observing her. After my performance, they invited us upstairs for a certain Nabila Fash’s birthday.

�I didn’t really show interest because I was tired and I didn’t know she was the one. When I saw her pictures the following day, I wished I had attended the party. The event lasted for five days; we moved from one place to the other.

�I knew she was a nice lady and I felt terrible that I didn’t honour her birthday invitation. We later met backstage at the next day’s event. The first event was held in Port Harcourt while the other was in Enugu. I introduced myself to her and she did the same. From the outset, she knew I wanted something from her.

�She told me she was not my kind of person, but I should let her know what I wanted. When I told her I wanted to marry her, she thought I was joking. She said she knew Oritsefemi’s music but didn’t know the person behind the music. She said she needed to know me more before she could say a word.

‘To cut the long story, she thinks I am down-to-earth regardless of the fame and she feels she can handle me. She had already taken her time to know me more before she started hearing negative things about me. All that she later heard didn’t change her perception of me.”


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