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Outrage as disabled man offers just £10 to clear debt of woman who helped him raise £330k

There has been outrage after a woman who helped raise £330,000 for disabled man ,got offered £10 by the same man, to clear her debt.

Katie Cutler has hit out at online trolls who abused Alan Barnes after he offered to pay £10 towards her legal costs.

Mum-of-one Katie set up a fundraising page for the vulnerable pensioner after he was assaulted outside his home in Low Fell, Gateshead.Donations flooded in from around the world forAlan – who is registered blind – after he was left with a broken collarbone while taking his bins out.

Katie is now locked in a bitter legal battle with Claire Barber, the Northumberland-based PR who offered to help raise the profile of Katie’s charitable foundation set up after Alan’s attack in January 2015, for £550 a day.Katie is being threatened with bailiffs after being landed with a £6,687 PR bill.

Speaking to the Chronicle Live , Alan offered to give Katie £10.This sparked a furious reaction online from trolls who launched a tirade of abuse at Alan.Katie has stepped in to urge people to lay off the disabled mugging victim.

She said:

“I do not think Alan should have to pay anything. Like me, he did not sign anything. A lot of people think he should have paid that bill because things in that relate to him.

“If you go out for a meal, the richest person does not have to foot the bill. I feel strongly about this.

“The money raised was Alan’s and that money was for him – it should stay with him. He can do what he wants with it.“And he does not deserve this abuse. He is a vulnerable adult – I have been brought up around vulnerable adults – and the abuse is not nice.”

Alan, has suggested that the bill could be paid by fundraisers.

He said:

“I would suggest that someone sets up a small fund to raise money to pay for Katie’s PR.

“It’s not a big amount and I think a lot of people would actually like to do that for Katie. I’m quite happy to put just a small donation in because I don’t want to show off.”

When asked how much he was willing to donate, Alan said: “A small amount to me is £10 or something.”

He added: “It’s easy for people to say β€˜he’s got a lot of money, cough up’ but you got to look into all the alternatives.

“It might seem hard but if I start handing it out, other people might ask for money. It was given to me on the understanding that I use it for myself.

“A lot of people just want it to stay with me.”


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