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PDP Is Dead And Buried In Ondo State – Tinubu

Bola Tinubu

Bola Tinubu

The National leader of the All Progressive Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has come out to say that PDP in Ondo State is dead and buried.

He recently revealed this in Akure while saying APC supporters need not worry over fighting a dead party.

According to him, exchanging words with PDP members in Ondo is like fighting a corpse inside the coffin when APC supporters can just settle down and calmly nail their coffin.

He added that unity and adherence to collective purpose are hallmarks of progressive politics and he wants APC to continue walking in that path.

His words, ”You don’t fight the PDP. There is no point fight a corpse inside the coffin, just settle down and calmly nail their coffin…”

“The governor had showed that he wanted genuine reconciliation among party members in the state. ” lndeed, the governor cannot push forward nor can the state advance if there is division and dissension among us.”

“Unity and adherence to collective purpose are hallmarks of progressive politics. Our ability to place the public welfare above our personal ambitions is what differentiates us from the political regressives who would rather that the general welfare suffer so they can fulfil their personal whims and wishes.”

“As progressives, we must carefully tend to our bridge of unity. We must never allow it to break. We entered politics and governance to serve the people and this purpose should always bind us in ceaseless fraternity and togetherness.”

“All true progressives must work towards this fertile unity and sustain that unity. With it we can achieve the great things we see for this state and this nation. We can build a progressive society for ourselves and our children.”

”Without that unity, we will forever be in a blinding fog, so much so that we will be fighting friend and foe alike because we will be too confused to know the difference between the two. This is no path to greatness. It is the path to stagnation.”

”Lets us commit ourselves to progressive unity to bring forth a progressive society. There is no other way for this nation to go. We must bring all our people back under the same progressive tent. Our creed is one of public service.”

“This service is blind to region, religion, ethnic group or place of origin. We seek prosperity, safety, hope and the tranquil enjoyment of life for everyone, for all Nigerians.”

“No one is to be denied. No one is laid low or shunted aside. No one is to be broken. Those who have been broken or forgotten are to be welcomed and care for. Those in need are to be comforted and helped. This is what the APC is and what the APC shall always be.”

”For us as progressives, tribalism and sectionalism are not part of our working vocabulary. Those are the words of yesterday. We all must work together and forge ahead as one if we are to attain the country’s overall development goals.”

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