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Photos from Harp Rhythm Unplugged concert


The Harp Rhythm Unplugged concert took place live at the Eko hotels and suites yesterday. A lot of popular faces graced the occasion. Haiti’s Wyclef Jean was the main artiste at the concer – See more pic below:Bbji6TuCAAAEbbk f3e59e8865e611e38c0712a7910fc235_8 Bbjx1HFCYAAhG6y BbjyOTECEAAYMyo BbjyrIDCAAARlLN BbjzQiCCEAEt5KP Bbk5Lc8IcAE9DgD BbkPxDoIMAAO3bN BbkQi7aCUAEwZqZ BbkSCfYIcAAl_PF BbkWw-LIMAAXpSK BbkXu1SIEAAwNrW

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