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Piers Morgan Has Been Receiving Lots Of Threats Lately – Wife

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has been forced to install a panic button in his bedroom after recent death threats, his wife has said.

Morgan’s wife Celia Walden recently revealed this to the press, and the world has been reacting

According to Celia, her husband has been getting lots of threats lately, and one even went as far as mentioning their son, so he is not taking chances.

She added that it is sad to see how people decide to go online and type out wicked things just to instil fear in others.

Her words, “Yet it was only when I was told my phone number would be listed with a ‘rapid response’ unit specialising in death threats, and a security engineer came to install a panic button by our bed that would have the police there within four minutes, that a trembly feeling started up in my stomach.”

“I thought about the nine-year-old I’d told to stay in her bedroom until ‘Daddy’s work colleagues have gone’ and composed a convincing lie for when, as she inevitably did, my daughter asked what the contraption in our bedroom was for.”

“Here we are, about to enter the second year of this waking nightmare and trying every day to quash the personal challenges and sadnesses we’re all facing, while somewhere in a basement, behind their anonymous egg-shaped profiles, these human vermin can think of nothing better to do than spread poison, and deliberately instil fear in others.”

“I say a basement, but perhaps these people live above ground, alongside the rest of us. Maybe the person who set up an Instagram account purely in order to tell my husband he was going to be murdered was standing behind you in the supermarket this morning. Maybe the trolls who mocked and abused Captain Sir Tom Moore and his family (both as he lay dying of Covid in hospital, and after his death) and subjected footballer Marcus Rashford to death threats and abuse are your work colleagues. Or maybe – imagine this – they were sitting at your breakfast table this morning.”

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