Police Sgt. kills civil engineer allegedly over N200 bribe in Lagos | Photos


A police Sergeant attached to the Festac command in Lagos�on Saturday, May 10th, 2014 allegedly wasted the life of�a promising young man, 33 year old Oyoma Edewor, a Building Finishing Contractor over �Egunje”. And according to reports, this is the third time this kind of case will be reported in same Festac Police Command.�

On what happened that fateful day, eyewitnesses�said�the building engineer’s car had had a slight�problem somewhere around Lekki, Lagos and instead of leaving it on the road to obstruct traffic, he decided to get a towing van to take it home in Festac.

While they were on the road,�as soon as the police team at the second junction, Festac sighted the�towing van which had already passed them, they hijacked the nearest commercial bus and ran after the van.�

The towing van was intercepted at the third junction and as soon as it was stopped, Sergeant Otene, who was so drunk at the time of the incident, and his colleague took charge dragging Oyoma Edewor out of his towed Jeep and ordered him to seat on the ground.

The Policemen were however said to have threatened him to settle them and he was just about to explain the situation when Sergeant Otene allegedly pulled the trigger and shot him at close range, saying they suspect it’s a stolen vehicle.

Though the police officer�has been reportedly�arrested, reports�say the Divisional Police Officer in charge of the Festac Command is allegedly trying to act funny by changing the face of the story in order to absolve his men. And Oyoma’s friends are demanding justice

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