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Popular nollywood actress Ngozi Ezeonu’s new look (Photo)

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I put up these pics for you guys �to compare the changes, I think she looks good and more toned. Some people are of the opinion that she is sick, however the actress has come out to say she is fine and just trying to keep fit. I guess Nigerians are used to the stereotype of our ladies being big.

Her response below:
”Stella� I am not sick.i have been battling with my weight for ten years and i have finally achieved what i want.i am not sick,it is my choice to loose some weight and i pulled it off.i feel good.loosing weight takes a lot of discipline”

How did you pull it off?
”I cut off eating a lot of things,i was addicted to coca cola,juice and� i cut off all that,i also stopped eating banana altogether,it took a lot of discipline.i stopped eating too much carbohydrates and i eat more of proteins and a lot of veggies…a lot”

So you are not ill?
”i wonder why they will think i am ill when my skin is glowing and when i feel good..when people are used to see you looking fat and they see all the fat gone,their eyes plays tricks on them”

Whats the secret of your glowing skin’
”i didn’t do anything,i don’t even do facials,i don’t even have a cleanser.i just drink lots of water and dont forget i am light skinned”.

…..So this is coming directly from the horse’ mouth…she says she is not ill and she feels good about how she looks.

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