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Pornographic star Jenna Presley finds Jesus, becomes born again

Jenna Presley

Once named by Maxim as one of the hottest Indecency stars in the world, Jenna Presley performed in more than 275 P0*nographic films, stri*ped for money, sold her body in prostitution, abused drugs and even tried to kill herself – but now the young brunette stunner says she has found her true calling in life.

‘Thank you, Jesus! I found Him, I’m home!” she declared, announcing that she has become a born-again Christian.

Presley, 26, whose real name is Brittni Ruiz, said, “It’s been a long seven-year journey of Indecency, prostitution, stripping, drugs, alcohol and several failed suicide attempts.”

Ruiz, who struggled with anorexia in high school, was reportedly Molested when she was 14 years old.
At the young age of 15, she began a career as a Coverless dancer in Mexico.

By 18, she performed in X-rated hardcore movies, shooting two and three s*x scenes a day for $900 each while she was in college. She won numerous top industry awards for her work.

In an interview with Adult FYI, Ruiz said producers told her she was beautiful.

Upon filming her first s*x scene, she recalled, “I felt so loved that day because I was put in hair and makeup. I was told I was beautiful. I was going to be a star.”

She said they made her work relentlessly because she had a very young look. The producers dressed her in children’s clothing and pigtails.

“I already looked like I was 12”, she recalled, adding, “It’s disgusting how they can portray you as a little girl. It’s complete perversion.”

But the industry began to have a devastating impact on her.
“It left me feeling drained”, she said. “I was so robotic, I was like a rubber Barbie doll. I had no emotions.. I was no longer Brittni. I became Jenna Presley. I had an alter ego.”

So Ruiz turned to drugs to numb her pain.
Then she attended a church in San Diego and met a man. They began dating, but he was beaten to death in front of her at a Las Panchos restaurant by members of a motorcycle gang.

“He got murdered, stabbed in front of me”, she said.

The trauma of the incident derailed her faith, and Ruiz began abusing drugs again and tried to kill herself.

Then Bleep Church, an outreach ministry that focuses on helping people leave the Indecency industry and fight Indecency addictions, found Ruiz at a Indecency convention. The Bleep Church distributed hundreds of Bibles and declared, “Jesus loves Indecency stars”.

Ruiz filmed her last s*x scene in November 2012. She gave her life to God this year and left the industry. She now works for a limousine company.

“It was seven long years”, she told Adult FYI. “I hated what I was doing, but I wondered what I would do next”.

Looking back, Ruiz recalled, “I never found love in my life and was looking for it in all the wrong places.. I have finally encountered the unconditional love of God, and I will never go back.”

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