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Pressing Issues To Be Discussed in The UN Summit

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The UN summit is an event where over 150 world leaders meet to discuss on issues threatening human race and how to resolve it. this years UN summit, which has started and would last through the week, would be addressing important issues like North Korea, Climate Change, and The Dilemma of the Rohingya.

The world is currently facing a threat as North Korea �continues to test its nuclear missile programme. In less than two months the country has fired two missile over Japan. The President of America sent the country a stern warning following reports that North Korea could make small nuclear warheads to fit on missile, The UN Security Council approved a sanction on North Korea.

Climate Change is one thing that can not be neglected, following the planned pull out of US from the landmark Paris climate deal. This month, series of natural disaster has rocked the US and Abroad, and this had add urgency to be discussed.

Rohingya, which is known as the worlds most persecuted minority, is predominantly by Muslim ethnic group. Over the last few years thousands of Rohingya flee to neighboring countries due to the series of crackdown. This crisis has been attributed to Myanmar’s government, which has lasted to live in recent years to leave the military rule to a democracy rule headed by elected leader Aug San Suu Kyi.


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