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Read Kemi Olunloyo’s very public marriage proposal to the man she loves

Kemi Olunloyo

You all know her, Kemi Olunloyo,is the daughter of the ex governor of Oyo state. She is presently in Ibadan after being deported from Canada( she doesn’t hide that fact) Controversial and very outspoken. She has stepped on many toes and insulted quite a few notable person i.e,Pastor Adeboye.She claims she hasn’t had sex in 7years and also flaunts the fact that she owns sex toys i.e

Well, she has decided to propose to the man of her dreams on Facebook. She even posted his picture but for privacy reasons I won’t post it here.. He also doesn’t look like a man who wants such publicity

I just hope it ends well( he accepts) She posted it on Facebook…

What Lanre first said to me on Facebook after he met me in Lagos and I didn’t give a shit about him at the Beyonce/Snoop Dogg concert in 2006:
“I’ve been stalking u for years online and I like your outspoken, honest, brash, crazy ways. No woman in this Nigeria can top that.”

I was in #Canada when he stalked me all the way there. We became friends, we skyped, he traveled around on work, we spoke, it was real, I told him I was getting deported in 9 mos time when that was served to me. He told me to come home. I never wanted to stay or appeal to stay in Canada. I came home for myself. He tried to pick me up in Ibadan to attend events but I was not interested. I was not settled. I was bitter about a lot of things leaving Canada. Leaving my grown sons behind till they could go to America. I did not have time for Lanre.

Now I want him. Does he still want me? He is very private and does not like noise. He told me May 1st over the phone that I have introduced him to my fans YET I play games with him. I NEVER in my life will dare propose to a man.

So No more GAMES! I want this man and asking….

Olanrewaju Rhodes, will U MARRY me??

Captain Steve Olanrewaju Rhodes

My heart belongs to you..OK, I am ready to be a WIFE!

Look! I’ll even wear all the Nigerian�outfits you like. Im READY Lanre!

Send the DRIVER to #Ibadan#NOGamesThis time I’ll get into the car
Then u can control me and WIFE me�#FOREVER!#Amen#BONUS: I’ll even go to Church with U�and won’t CURSE ur Pastor!!

Dear Nigerians,

Lanre knows I HAVE SEX TOYS!He just doesn’t know where they are as we �don’t get to see each other as you may think.�He once told me romantically 3 months ago.

“I wanna do you like Arik Air, Lagos to Kano

3 times daily, one and a half hours each flight.”Isn’t that special?�So sweet!

That’s the kinda flight I want to catch�when your man can make love to you�3 times daily, 1.5 hours a pop. For being�celibate 7 years, I can handle that when in

LOVE!! NOT LUST! Lets go Capt!!

Gosh Im Happy!�Call me SOR!!�Im waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Promise #Nogames
Look, another Naija outfit just for U.

FINALLY>>>RATE THIS PICTURE: This is Capt Olanrewaju S. Rhodes, the Chief Pilot of First Nation Airways. This is the man that I was friends with for 6 years while I was in Canada. Met him at Beyonce’s concert 2006. To all those jealous girls in Lagos. Lanre is still single. He was NEVER married when I knew him and wanted me to be his wife but Im not interested in Church and wife activities. He is gonna hate me for this that I exposed him. However he seems to be the only MAN that can control me! We have not spoken in a while. We have been FRIENDS only.

I may still want some of this. A real friendship across the ocean for 7 years. He is 53 and I will be 49. Should I settle with Lanre if he’s still available?? I want my fans to decide. He has flown jets for 35 plus years and I fly helicopters as a traffic reporter. Do you think I really need a man at this stage of my life?

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