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Rich and Famous who have Won Big Amounts in Slots

Rich and Famous who have Won Big Amounts in Slots

It’s the dream for so many of us, and for the great few they’ve had the luck of it actually happening to them – winning big amounts in slots. It’s all too often heard that we can win big if we go for those slots games, or if we use this technique. But really, this is the proof that average people can become rich and famous. Read on to find out who have won big amounts in Bonanza slots.

Charlie Wells

Something of a prodigy in the casino world before the online casino, Charlie Wells practically became a celebrity overnight due to his big win. A conman who had done time in prison, he started playing casino games with around £4,000 in 1891. It’s rumoured he played roulette games for 11 hours non stop once, and won a million francs – a lot back then.

Wells begun winning successful bets, and got a million francs over the course of three days. The rumour is that he implemented a strategy that you’ve likely heard players talk about at an online casino chat room. The Martingale system. It’s ruined gamblers in the past and is far too high risk to go for now. But Wells got an impressive win nonetheless.

Gloria Mckenzie

Gloria Mckenzie, a grandma from Florida, became the largest winner of the Powerball Lottery in the US in May 2013 for a huge $590 million win. At 84 years old, she won against all the odds – which had been one in 175 million and won the jackpot! She netted this huge prize after buying her ticket at the local supermarket.

The thing about this story is, someone before her in the queue had let her past first! This just goes to show you, if you want to win big at an online casino, get in early. Not that it would matter too much, but this just sounds unlucky for that kind person. Although it is a heartwarming story.

Gonazol Garcia-Pelayo

A record producer from spain, Gonazol Garcia-Pelayo had a thing for maths and roulette games on the side. As such, in the 90s he believed roulette games wheels favoured some numbers more than others. This casino games concept was nothing new, but Garcia-Pelayo really took things up a notch.

Pelayo garnered fame for betting on wheels he believed held this bias. He was caught and sued, but not before he beat the house and made his money! A sign that luck will always triumph. Again, this kind of technique wouldn’t work in an online casino with roulette games now – but it’s still fun to imagine!

The Future of Winning Big Amounts in Slots

When it comes to winning big amounts in slots, the odds are really in your favour at an online casino. In many cases, you can even win from slots you’ve had the chance to play for free, which is the best value for money you could get. Why not head to your favourite online casino and see if you can win big amounts in slots today?

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