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Rihanna & Chris Brown battle over Stadium status

Chris Brown post

Chris Brown and Rihanna have sure got a long way to go regarding this supremacy battle..

Chris Brown was at the Summer Jam Fest which had many artistes like Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa and so..Chris Brown’s friend then posted a pic on instagram and captioned it “Stadium Status bitch”

Rihanna post

Bad gal Rihanna countered with a photo of her sold out concert in Paris’ biggest stadium which had 80,000 fans in attendance. With the caption


Lmao.. A feat only the likes of black musicians such as Tina Turner, Micheal Jackson have achieved

So Rihanna’s fans laughed at Chris Brown saying he should be ashamed of posting a picture of a stadium where the people there came for different artistes etc..


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