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Rodents Refuse President Buhari From Resuming Office

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After more than�105 days of leaving office, the President, President Muhammad Buhari has still not resumed work in his office, he would be working from home due to renovations in his office that was infested by rodents.

There is two side of this story, it is either the entire staff and men of Aso Rock has proven to be incompetent in discharging their duties, as the office of the president was neglected or there seems to be a fowl play in Aso Rock. something seems to be missing, there were protest here in Nigeria and in the Abuja house, London where the president was for medical leave, we would want to believe that the 7 days vigil Resume or Resign protest, gave the impression or prompted the return of the President to Nigeria sooner than scheduled. it was reported that the family of buhari were seen moving luggage into a vehicle, and This is enough time for Aso Rock Staff to put the office in a proper and workable state before he arrived.

This embarrassing notion seems the staff of Aso Rock took the departure of the president to be an indefinite leave and were not expecting his return anytime soon or never. even if it were so, President Buhari would not be the last person to use the office for them to leave the office for the feast of rodents.

It is either the housekeepers have neglected their duties or there is more that meets the eye.

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