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Ronaldo Asked For The Interview To Address His Situation At MUFC – Piers Morgan

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Popular media personality, Piers Morgan has come out to say that Cristiano Ronaldo approached him about doing the controversial interview where he claimed he felt betrayed by Manchester United.

He recently had his say via his social media page, and fans have been reacting.

According to him, Ronaldo wanted to do the interview focusing on the troubles at United and his conflicting relationship with Erik ten Hag, so he took the step to have a sit down with him.

Morgan added that he maintains a good friendship with the Portuguese star and also did the interview after his request.

His words, “Cristiano asked me to do it. Simple as that. I didn’t ask him, he asked me. He’s been thinking about this for a while, it’s no secret he has build up deep frustration about what has been happening at United.”

“He feels he has to speak out, he knows it will be incendiary, will rattle some changes, but he also feels he should be doing this. He knows people will criticise him but he also knows what he is saying is true.”

“Sometimes the truth hurts. He’s been thinking about this for a while and I got a call. The World Cup is about to start, it gives him a month away from United and it gives time for what he has said to settle in. He can come back and resolve things.”

“He makes the point in the interview repeatedly, he loves Manchester United, he loves the fans but what he’s come back to, in his view, is the stagnated club which hasn’t moved on from the way he’s left it. He can’t understand why not and he feels if he doesn’t speak out nothing will change.”

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