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Ruggedman Was Part of My Success � 9ice

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According to 9ice , Ruggedman was part of his success story.

The two engaged in a bitter fight over allegation that Ruggedman slept with his then wife, Toni Payne.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, 9ice revealed why himself and the rapper finally worked on a song

�I am happy that I collaborated on a song with

Ruggedman . I am moving ahead in life; there is a point in life where you have to look back at where you are coming from and where you are going to. While we are going up the ladder of success, there are people who are part of our success. Ruggedman was part of my success story so there is no point for us keeping malice. That is the reason we came back together,” he said.

9ice also revealed why it took time for the collaboration to become a reality

�It took long for us to have this collaboration because there have been a lot of speculation flying around about both of us. I have always said it that I did not have any problem with

Ruggedman but people were always misconstruing things. It was all a misconception within the entertainment industry and people began to peddle rumours against us. That was what led to the misunderstanding between us but I thank God that we are back together,” 9ice said.

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