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Security Forces Have Been Humiliating Me – Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

Uganda’s opposition leader, Bobi Wine has come out to accuse security forces of humiliating him, his family and domestic staff while under house arrest.

He recently revealed this after being freed from house arrest since the Jan. 14 election that he lost to long-serving President Yoweri Museveni.

According to him, everywhere he goes, he is always in chains, despite the fact that he was born free, and he has the right to be free in his country.

He added that even after the court ordered the police to vacate his premises with immediate effect, they are still very much around, and their military helicopters are ever-present too.

His words, “I was born free and I am free. Only that I am everywhere in chains.”

“As you saw, while the court ordered the police to vacate our premises, you still have police and military helicopters, over us.”

“General Museveni is reading from the same script as all dictators,”

“It has been an experience of isolation, of torture, of humiliation, having our compound turned into a military garrison,”

“Having our employees traumatised, beaten, an experience of hunger.”

“We were not allowed to access our garden. But again, it has been a reminder that we can overcome any kind of stress.”

His words, “Government of the herdsmen, by the herdsmen and for the herdsmen.

No Nigerian is more Nigerian than the other. As much rights as the herdsmen have to graze, so does other Nigerians have to live. When did grazing become series of killing and kidnapping? @MBuhari please be President for all!!!!!

Growing up, I saw a lot of herdsmen graze peacefully. I’m sure a lot of us did. They were so organized and even friendly. What changed? And now that so much violence is involved why can’t the government call them to order? This insecurity has lasted too long!!

Innocent Nigerians are being killed and kidnapped day in day out because herdsmen have gone rogue! The Government hasn’t done anything to control the situation! Don’t let anyone bully you for speaking against gross Nepotism. Every Nigerian deserves to live. And that’s all!!!”

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