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Segun Arinze asks NFVCB boss to resign for banning “Half Of A Yellow Sun”


The�film, an adaptation of Chimamanda’s Ngozi Adichie’s novel was banned�from getting into the�market�due to some scenes in the movie�that tend to whip up tribal sentiments, especially on issues that led to the Nigerian�civil war.

However, the filmmakers further revealed that, �with the Boko Haram insurgency and the Adamawa State governor’s outburst, the NFVCB is living up to its�billing.”

Actor and former Actors’ Guild of Nigeria president Segun Arinze is now calling for the resignation of the Director-General of the Censors Board. His statement below…

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Please tell Madam Patricia Bala of Nigeria Film and Video Censors Board to release the movie Half of a Yellow Sun. She has no reason to hold on to the movie. She has no right to censor the movie only to classify it. She saw it in Canada and even partnered with the producers in Canada during the premiere. What she is doing now is an embarrassment to government and a big insult to our dear industry, Nollywood. We are not in a military regime. She should kindly resign’. – Segun Arinze

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