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Seven signs your boyfriend would make a bad husband

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We’ve listed for the men the type of women they should never wife. read here

This time around, we are helping the ladies spot the type of men they should never say �I do” to.

As we all know, marriage is a lifetime commitment and a one time thing we all hope to get right.

Here are a few suggestions of things to really check your man doesn’t have before you decide to take the walk down the aisle with him.

~He’s rude: respect is reciprocal, never forget that. It is a general belief that the person who deserves the utmost respect in a relationship is the man but what most people forget to add is that the woman also deserves respect. In fact as much as the man.

We find ourselves in a continent where the man has the final say over everything and is allowed to make very vital decisions sometimes affecting the woman. While I’m not debating this, a woman has the right to be treated fairly and respected.

If your man talks down on you, disrespects you, never allows you to voice your opinion about anything and doesn’t see why you should make any decision where you are both concerned, do think deeply before committing to him for life.

~He’s a waster: if he will spend 30 thousand naira on alcohol and would come back home to sleep in darkness because he’s added the money to fuel the generator to buy drinks or if he’ll rather buy a gadget he doesn’t need than pay for a repair in the house, then he is a waster.

Naturally, men are impulsive spenders but it has never been an excuse for wastage. The stage where a man makes the decision to spend his money on something worthwhile, rather than frivolous things, is the point where he is considered an adult.

Try to suggest/advise him to make more reasonable decisions regarding money. If he doesn’t change, marriage won’t change him. So, flee now.

~He lies: Lying is a habit people hardly grow out of. Once someone becomes a habitual liar, it is quite difficult to get them to be straight with you, especially in a relationship.

If your man’s first response to everything is naturally a lie, trust me you don’t want him fathering your kids.

~He’s abusive: whether he is physically or emotionally abusive is a problem. If he beats you or pushes you aside or even threatens to do these things to you whenever an argument ensues, then he is not the man for you.

Men should protect, not abuse or physically harm their women.

If you are in this type of relationship, do NOT marry this type of man.

~He’s got no plan: if your man is the type who has no job and who is always talking about how much he is planning to do one thing or the other and he never does them? You really should think twice before marrying him.

A responsible man, even if broke at the moment, has a solid plan regarding the future. No reasonable man would keep talking about big plans and refuse to execute them.

You should find a better man to marry if this is all he does. Except of course you’re willing to marry a dreamer.

~He’s emotionally unstable: if your man has emotions that are somewhat unstable, you’d better not go into a lifelong commitment with him.

A man who loves you so much today and is not so in love with you tomorrow, needs to really get his act together before becoming a husband.

~You have nothing in common: if you have absolutely nothing in common with your partner, then this is a big problem.

You’ve got to be able to do something together when you get past the initial stages of the marriage. If nothing bonds you at all, this might pose as a huge problem by causing friction and total lack of spark in the relationship.

Find out what you both love doing and see if it can keep your friendship going for life even when the spark seems to have gone.

~Acts like being with you is a favour: believe it or not, this does happen. If your man acts like if he leaves you nobody else would look your way, then you really need to walk.

Commitment with such person would only spell doom!

~He’s not proud of you: if he would not let the world know who you are to him when you are together or if he acts like he would rather be anywhere in the world than be with you, then he’s really not one you should marry.

You should be like a prize to your man. He should be glad to let the world see who he’s got.

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