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Singer Vast of Bracket releases behind-the-scenes photos of new video, ‘Temperature’


Earlier this month, a disheartening report found its way into the news about Vast, the one half of Afro Pop group Bracket.

He was diagnosed with a certain type of blood cancer (Lymphoma), and was under intense treatment in the UK. But fortunately, the cancer was detected early, and it has been treated. It probably went into remission (here’s to hoping).

Since, Vast has released healthy-looking pictures of himself on Instagram, with the following captions:

I am full of energy and totally healed because the incident is old news. I was healed since February. [sic]

I am strong, healthy, and full of energy. I thank the Lord for that and I also thank all my fans for being there.. kisses

Glad we are that he is hearty and in full spirits. And with hope in our hearts, we wish him never to relapse.

Ahem! Now away from the sickening smell of disease..





It’s music time again! Having been on a bit of a break, the duo, Smash and Vast are fervently working the pipeline to deliver a show-stopping cracker for us.

Their Temperature music video in the works, and we feel safe to say a solo effort from Vast might be released anytime soon, Presumably titled, Cupid Man.

Here’s a caption from Vast‘s Instagram where he teases on what to expect from his solo work.

Being a romantic, understanding, and a caring friend is worth more than being a rich friend. u don’t become a friend because u have d money, u become a friend because u love and care. d Cupid man.

The official video is being shot, and the pictures are here for your viewing pleasure. Clarence Peters was on hand to hand in his craft, and Vast hits the hospital to show love to his ailing Nwa Baby!



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TareeQ – Medicine


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