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Sony Launches The Play Station 4 (Pictures)

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SONY have announced the PlayStation 4 is coming this Christmas � but gamers have been left guessing how much the device will cost, or even what it will look like.

Tonight’s New York Playstation Meeting confirmed many of the rumours about the latest console, the follow-up to the wildly popular PlayStation 3.

Leaked images of the new controller proved to be accurate, with a touchpad placed in the centre just like that of Nintendo’s Wii U.

Claims of a special b*tton for uploading game footage to the web also proved to be correct, as well as a headphone jack and special �light bar” b*tton built in to every controller.

And gamers were thrilled by the announcement of a new Final Fantasy title, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Destiny, a new FPS from Halo-creators Bungie. But news about the console itself even swept aside the AAA-rated titles, as Sony announced a wave of innovations to put rival Xbox under the microscope as they prepare to announce their own next console.

Designed to be more easy and intuitive to play than ever before, the PS4 can be turned on and off instantly � with no boring boot-up times to slow down players.

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