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Sooo Sexy!!! Meet US-based fitness model Agu Ukaogo | Photos


In his hot new feature in lifestyle magazine Genevieve, Nigerians get to meet US-based model, Agu Ukaogo, who has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and reportedly has a degree in Fitness and Nutrition, as well as Business Management.
Photo Credit: Genevieve



Explaining how he got hooked on fitness and modelling, and also launching his own fitness centre, Agu said:

οΏ½Fitness and Health have been my lifestyle for as far back as I can remember. Being able to travel the world as I got older, I started to find my calling. Modeling and acting is what I have always loved, and as I continue to pursue my passion in those areas, a passion that has always been in me, but consistently growing stronger is the passion to give back and to make a positive impact in my community. AGU Fitness is more than just health and fitness. It is indeed a lifestyle. It is a mindset knowing that you cannot sleep at night unless you know you’ve given it your all; a mindset that refuses to lose under any circumstance. AGU Fitness is about empowerment and change. The change for a better tomorrow. Individually, Locally, and Nationally. If I have the power in me to change one persons life, that one can become two; two can become three. Then a domino effect will take place and one by one, people will begin to find happiness again and feel good about themselves. They too will absorb the mindset that the key to happiness is in your giving. My sole purpose in having this program is to change your life. Allow me the opportunity to change how you think about yourself, fitness, and this journey we call life. Welcome to the future.”



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