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Stop Allowing Naked Girls On Your IG Live – Ice Prince

Ice Prince, son and Boluwatife

Ice Prince, son and Boluwatife

Ice Prince and OAP Dotun have blasted the act of ladies who were recently seen masturbating on the Instalive videos of some Nigerian celebrities.

Dotun believes that the habit of giving money to girls to shake their bums is becoming demeaning and disgusting and our male celebs should have a rethink.

According to him, most girls have lost their sense of dignity and it is a trend that cannot continue if we want the future of our young girls to be bright.

Ice Prince added that constraint is needed during live sessions because kids could be watching.

Dotun wrote, “I don’t give a flipping hell what anyone thinks. I just feel we’ve taken this thing out of line. It has just become so disgusting. We are all not saints but if you must sin differently, why the extreme public show of of indecency and misdemeanor… Just imagine those were your kids or sister? .. some girls have lost their sense of dignity. See that one they told to rub palm oil on her body to shake her bum and she did.. palm oil.”

Ice prince added, “All this my guys that are letting girls twerk with Sex toys on their IG Live… Pls na my G, I have a son that is not even 10yrs old yet.. sometimes he plays with his Mummy’s phone and you never know what app his finger might press on that phone !!!!

The Dancing is cool but some of them are literally Phucking themselves on your Live, Why TF ???

To think that you are even giving away money on this internet to these girls to act a fool my guy…. You weak me gan. i am Flabawhelmed and overgasted !!!!!!!!”


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