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Strategy: If God Can, Then You Can

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Have you ever failed in an attempt to get something right? Have you tried hard at a project, a skill, a relationship [I mean really hard that it hurts] and it fails? Have you been tagged a failure before? What is failure to you?

When you fail, what do you do? Get up right away and continue from where you stopped? Sometime ago we talked about rising strong and not really rising fast when you fall. This is quite true when we take a cursory look at people and our attitude to failure. Failure itself is good [Ojisi! Are you for real?] You Have Power Over Death heard me damn right! Failure becomes positive when there are lessons learned from the past experiences. After he successfully was able to get it right with the light bulb, Thomas Edison, when asked how he felt failing, 000 times in his quest; the man simply answered ‘I found 999 other ways not to get it right’. That is pure wisdom.

It has been proven that when we lose one of our senses, the other 4 sensory organs become sharp, it is the same with failure; but unfortunately, not many of us can be patient enough to see this and then apply the necessary steps to getting it right. After all, they say the road to success is always under construction. [so where then is the flow, what is the point?] Hmmmm. Now, the only constant thing in life is change and especially when it is for the better. We must learn that with every episode of failure we experience, we are called to retrace our steps, have a retreat and re-strategize.

Now you remember the story of creation? Don’t forget that God’s plan for mankind is eternal bliss [a Heaven on Earth situation], in the Garden of Eden, [Eden means luxury: any place of complete bliss, delight and peace], our first parents came on board, to lead us into sharing in that wonderful love of God and a fulfillment of His plans for us. But something happened, the project failed [but the vision remained]; now Adam had come into the world as an adult, same as Eve, and these two came custom made and thus were rigid. They could not bend; they had no teachers, no mentors, nobody to show them around. So what happened, they failed. They ate the apple, put a dent in the project and there came original sin. Why really did Adam? Like I said, he came an adult, everything was available for his pleasure: he did not create anything and as such, he could not appreciate anything.

But what did God do? Now this is the interesting part: when Project Adam failed, God went back, looked at His vision and adopted the salvific-redemption strategy and this time, When Jesus Christ came, he came first, not as an adult, but a child, not in Eden – the place of luxury, but in a manger – a shelter, where animals are fed. He had Mary and Joseph to guide and teach him, he created things because like his father Joseph, he learned the art of carpentry and if you look up the word in your dictionary. The result is what we are benefiting today for the worth of our being Christians is in the love of God. Jesus is referred to as the second Adam through whom God’s vision was sustained and achieved.

Perhaps you may wonder that I sound too religious [I appeal try not to subject this piece to a theological debate], I had to use this analogy to make us understand that when we do not get it right at first, it is not the vision that failed, it is the project. So all you need do is change the approach to the vision and you shall achieve success. It is only a mad man who does the same thing all over repeatedly and expects to get a different result.

Failure is when you have done all the best you can and yet realize that, that is not all you can – there is still more you can do and you do not do it.
If God can change strategy, then you can because you got the power in you and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Yes, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

So I say do not be ashamed to fail, of failing and / or failure, but fail forward, change course, take your time [look at the time between Adam and Jesus Christ, how many generations], but rise stronger.

May the odds always be in your favour.

Till we meet next week, Always Believe in What You Do and Do What You Believe In. God Bless you plenty!
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