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Ojisi’s Oxygen – Words!

WORDS! Have you taken out time to notice the potency of words and the life they carry? Do you just speak without understanding the power behind your speech? Is talk really cheap? Are words to you, just an emotional expression? I am not particularly a fan of poems but something ...

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Lead, Leader, Leadership!


Leadership has been defined variously, with regards to management and administration, organizations and government. It is a common socio-political phenomenon with many expectations both from those that laid its foundation and the general public affected by its actions. Theoretically, it manifests in form of private or public organization or informal ...

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Half Measures: When Greed Is The New Need

Have you ever bought an item and then get home to find that it is substandard, expired or even out rightly bad? Have you ever been diagnosed of poison owing to what you ate? Or even incurred certain reactions due the use of some items soaps, creams, etc.? We live ...

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Strategy: If God Can, Then You Can

Have you ever failed in an attempt to get something right? Have you tried hard at a project, a skill, a relationship [I mean really hard that it hurts] and it fails? Have you been tagged a failure before? What is failure to you? When you fail, what do you ...

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