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Stunning Sudanese black beauty Nyla Lueeth | Photos

Sudanese beauty and style blogger Nyla Lueeth leaves many in awe with her charcoal dark skin and beauty .The 17 year old who resides in Canada ,boasts of over 310 thousand followers on Instagram. With regard to those dropping hateful comments over her skin tone, she said

There’s a lot of stupidity in the comments and I think I should address some for a second. Your opinion of me is irrelevant.saying I’m too dark, what is that suppose to mean? You think I’m going to destroy something blessed to me and go bleach? don’t put yourself out there just to sound stupid, saying teamlightskin…hunty 👏🏿allshadeswinning !! All shades are beautiful. I have worked so hard to learn to love myself and accept who I am as a person. I’ll be honest I didn’t always love my melanin. My journey to loving myself has been hard but I’m at it. What people say about me no longer fazes me, I love myself. It’s no surprise people want to talk, I’d be worried if they Didn’t.






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