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Supreme Court Judgment In Imo State Is A Total Shame To Our Judiciary System – Mbazuluike Amechi

Mbazuluike Amechi1st Republic Aviation Minister and Zikist Movement, Chief Mbazuluike Amechi has said the Supreme Court judgment that removed Emeka Ihedioha as Imo State governor is a robbery against the people that voted.

Chief Mbazuluike, who disclosed this in a statement titled “Save this Nation” revealed that the judgment has brought dishonor to the Supreme Court of Nigeria and it is a shame to the country.

According to him, the decision should be reversed immediately else the citizens will lose their faith in the judicial system.

He added that the judgment should be reviewed to save the face of the Nigerian Judiciary.

His words, “That Supreme Court judgment in Imo State governorship election was a robbery against the people of Imo State, it is a shame to the Nigerian Judiciary, Nigerian Supreme Court, the Judges and Nigeria as a country.

“It made nonsense to the divinity of justice, the world is condemning it, the world is condemning what the Nigerian judiciary particularly, the Supreme Court has done in Imo State, if they want yo save the judiciary of the embarrassment, shame and insult they brought to it and the country, they have no choice than to meet again to find a way of correcting it to save face of the judiciary, the Supreme Court their faces and the face of the country and the embarrassment they have caused the country.

“I would not like to be involved in the matters of law so much because I am not a lawyer, but however, I see that judgement of the Supreme Court as a judgement that should not have been, it was not a true judgement, it was not just, a miscarriage of justice taken too far.

“I see it like many others across Nigeria and the world, as a judgement that has brought the country to disrepute and shame in the face of the whole world, the whole world is condemning it and seeing Nigeria as a shame of a country, so the judiciary, particularly the Supreme Court, will have honour again if they review what they have done in Imo State and redress the wrong.

“The judiciary of Nigeria will have honour again if the Supreme Court meets again to revise the whole thing they did in Imo State, they have no alternative than to meet again, and revise that the whole of that judgement to know where they made mistake, to correct it, it is not a matter of being proud, or saying we have the final say, but a matter that has drawn so much anger and condemnation from across the world and brought the country shame, and so should be corrected if not for anything, for the face of the country.

“The honour and dignity of justice are that there are honesty and justice or there appears to be justice on what the Court at that level did or said in a matter like that which has attracted international attention.”

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