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Beyonce and Jay Z take Blue Ivy on a shopping spree

Jay Z and Blue Ivy

Jay Z and Beyonce‘s adorable little girl looked cuter than ever when she was spotted in her 46 year old daddy’s arms while out on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills. The lil girl will be turning 3 by January, 2015.

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Blue Ivy dresses as Michael Jackson for Halloween

Blue Ivy and Jay Z

Jay Z and Beyonce dressed their adorable Blu as Micheal Jackson, complete with a microphone. So cute

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Blue Ivy vomits into Beyonce’s hand as she gets seasick | Photos

Beyonce Gloria Carter

The popular singer and husband Jay-Z are still touring Western Europe, and were spotted at the famous Picasso Museum in France. Other family members who went along for the ride were Jay Z’s mom, Gloria Carter, and her longtime lover, Dania Diaz, Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mom and others. Beyonce was ...

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Beyoncé, Jay Z & Blue Ivy celebrate birthday in France | Photos

Beyoncé, Jay Z & Blue Ivy celebrate birthday in France

Beyonce opted for a more intimate family bonding time with the two most important people in her life, husband Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy. The Crazy In Love singer celebrated turning 33 by frolicking on the beach with her family in the south of France on Thursday

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Karrueche officially apologizes for the Blue Ivy Hair joke

Karrueche on 106 and Park

Karrueche‘s joke about Blue Ivy’s hair not being combed at the BET Awards, was written and unknowingly put on a teleprompter for her to read. Kae guest hosted 106 and Park on Monday and did a “Top Six Things Blue Ivy Thought At The VMAs” segment. While reading from a ...

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Karrueche lost over 200k Instagram followers after mocking Blue Ivy’s hair

Karrueche on 106 and Park

The on-again off-again girlfriend of singer Chris Brown made a joke about Beyonce‘s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. While co-hosting BET’s 106 & Park on August 25, Karrueche has since apologised saying she was only reading a script.. She was reading the top 6 things that PEOPLE SAID that Blue Ivy ...

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Chris Brown’s gf Karrueche makes fun of Blue Ivy’s Hair on ‘106 and Park’ [Video]

Karrueche on 106 and Park

On BET’s 106 and Park, Karrueche made a joke at the expense of Blue Ivy and her hair and Beyonce fans are so angry! They are tearing her up on twitter While doing her duties as a co-host, she participated in a segment called “The Top 6 Things Blue Ivy ...

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#VMAs Watch Blue Ivy dance and applaud her mum Beyonce as she performs

Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay Z

“The greatest living entertainer’ that is how a proud Jay Z introduced his wife when he handed her the night’s prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. The couple, who have been plagued by divorce rumours for a while now, did a good job last night to dispel the rumours when ...

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Kim K allegedly brags that her daughter North is cuter than Blue Ivy

North vs Blue Ivy

According to Life and Style: All moms think their kid’s the cutest – but most don’t go as far a s saying unkind things about other children! Yet when Kim Kardashian, 33, praises North, 1, it sometimes comes at the expense of Beyonce’s mini-me. “She brags that Nori is cuter ...

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Singer India Arie writes a letter to all Blue Ivy’s hair critics

India Arie

R&B Soul Singer India Arie took to Twitter to address all Blue Ivy hair critics. Do you agree with her? India wrote: My thoughts on Blue Ivy’s Hair; Why does ANYone get the idea that it’s ok to make fun of a child? In public no less? This celebrity culture ...

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Jay Z & Beyonce finally comb Blue Ivy’s hair | Photo

JayZ, Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Yesterday Blue Ivy was spotted with her dad on Father’s Day with her hair well combed and in a pony tail. The parents have finally listened to critics and even the petition against them on Ivy’s dreads. She’s a cute kid

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Photos: Celebrities storm the white house for Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday

Beyonce NaijaVibe 2014

US First Lady Michelle Obama turned 50 on Friday Jan. 17th and celebrated with family, friends and celebrities on Saturday January 18th at the White House’s East Room.

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Beyonce buys a Lamborgini & pink Cadillac for Blue Ivy (Photos)

Blue Ivy just got her first ride…two as a matter of fact. A mini Lamborgini �& �a pink Cadillac .She posted them on her Tumbir page.Some fans are however slamming the parents for spoiling Blue too much. But I know every parent will do the same given the opportunity

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Photos from Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy’s birthday

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JayZ & Beyonce spotted with Blue Ivy as she celebrates her 2nd birthday (Photos)

JayZ & Beyonce spotted with Blue Ivy

JayZ & Beyonce took Blue Ivy out and reportedly shut down a zoo for her to hang with animals as part of her 2nd birthday celebrations.. She really takes after JayZ, the only thing which sets her apart is her light skin.. Beautiful girl

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See this controversial painting of Beyonce & Blue Ivy

controversial painting of Beyonce & Blue Ivy

And Beyonce‘s managed to spark yet MORE controversy by posing in front of Jesus in a painting of the The Last Supper. The singing sensation posted the controversial snap to her Instagram account on Tuesday without a caption. Posing in a green mini-skirt and revealing white crop top, Bey can ...

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Of course Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy have matching Timberland shoes

JayZ, Blue and Beyonce in the white house

On Wednesday, Beyonce took to Instagram to share an intimate snapshot of her what appears to be her family’s go-to shoe brand: Timberland. Nestled between his and hers (Jay Z’s and Bey’s shoes) are of course little Blue Ivy Carter‘s boots, in classic beige. Fans of the Carter family will ...

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See the the cutest pics of Beyonce, JayZ and Blue Ivy together

Beyonce, JayZ and Blue Ivy together

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Alicia Key’s Son Kissed Beyonce’s Daughter

jayZ, Beyonce and Egypt

Egypt Daoud Dean (2) the son of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz kissed Blue Ivy Carter (1) the daughter of Bey and JayZ. Can you beat that? Smiling.. Alicia unveils the gist during her interview on Wendy Williams Show. I think Egypt kissed Blue and I don’t think Jay liked ...

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Meet Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter

Meet Blue Ivy

Beyonce finally shares the picture of her daughter’s face for the first time. She definitely took after her dad’s looks. CUTE

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