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The Chinese Coronavirus Doctors Are Not Missing, They Are Working – Embassy

Coronavirus Nigeria

The Chinese doctors and medics who came into Nigeria in April to help curb the spread of coronavirus are actively working with relevant authorities and agencies to save lives, and are not missing, The Chinese Embassy in Abuja has said. The embassy recently revealed that the 14 medical experts are ...

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Man rents out his girlfriend for cash to get an iPhone 6 | Photos

A Chinese student has gone to extreme lengths to get his hands on the latest iPhone, offering up his girlfriend in exchange for cash to put towards the device. Photos of the man brandishing a sign that read “Girlfriend Sharing” appeared on the Chinese social media site Weibo this week. ...

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Chinese teenager sells his kidney for $3,454 to buy iPhone and iPad

Some teens will do anything to get their hands on an iPhone and iPad, even if it means they have to sell their organs. A 17-year-old high school kid sold a kidney to a clandestine agency that sells human organs on the black market just to buy an iPhone and ...

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British woman wakes up with a Chinese accent after a severe migrane

On March 7, 2010, 38-year- old Sarah Colwill �woke up to discover that her customary Plymouth(UK)pronunciation had gone – replaced with a Chinese accent. According to her in a BBC documentary titled”The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese After suffering a severe migraine,she was rushed to hospital only for doctors to ...

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Photos: Professor builds mountain villa on top of skyscraper

A Chinese man has spent six years building his dream mountaintop villa – on top of a Beijing apartment block. He shifted tons of rubble and rock onto the roof of the building to construct the outrageous home which looks like it has been carved from a mountainside. It also ...

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Chinese baby born with tail

Mother Chen Wei holds her son Xiao, who has a tail-like growth due to spina bifida. Doctors will repair the baby’s spinal canal to correct the condition. A mother in China is urging doctors to help her seven-month-old son, who was born with a three-inch-long �tail” that is still growing. ...

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