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Deeper Life Church Can’t Promote Worldly Music – Member

Pastor Kumuyi

A member of Deeper Life Church has come out to write an open letter to the church’s founder, Pastor W.F Kumuyi over the introduction of what he called uncoventional music in the church. He recently had his say via a statement, and Nigerians have been reacting. According to him, even ...

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Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Life denies banning Ipads & phones in his church

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi,the General Overseer of the Deeper Life Bible Church has denied media reports that he banned the use of Ipads and Iphones in his church. See the statement he released on his Facebook page below THIS REPORT IS FALSE. There was never a time as referred to in ...

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Church suspends John and Love Kumuyi

John and Love Kumuyi tendered an apology letter to the church on the 22nd of June, but it seems the leaders already have their own plans. The couple have been suspended from the church. The church leaders also said, their wedding didn’t take place in a Deeper Life Church in ...

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Controversy trails pastor Kumuyi’s son’s wedding

pastor Kumuyi’s son’s wedding

The second son of pastor Kumuyi, John Kumuyi got married on the 15th of June and some people have criticized the way his wife was dressed compared to other weddings which have held in his father’s church and termed the classy wedding, Un-deeper-life-stic. Some believe the bride’s dress was too ...

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