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Jim Iyke and Nadia Buhari looking hot in new photo

Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari NaijaVibe

The newly ‘engaged’ couple looking all loved up in this photo. We still keeping our fingers crossed on their engagement

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Was the engagement just for publicity? Nadia Buhari posts suggestive tweets..

jim iyke proposes nadia buari

When news of their engagement spread everyone was happy that Jim Iyke has finally put a ring on it. However, there is a new twist to it. Jim Iyke proposed to Nadia Buari on his reality show.. but instead of gushing about it this morning, Nadia Buari has been writing ...

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Yvonne Nelson congratulates Jim Iyke and Nadia Buhari on their engagement

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson maybe unlucky with love but she still congratulates her colleagues in Gollywood who are preparing to walk down the aisle. Jim Iyke proposed to Nadia Buari, while Chris Attoh is getting married to Damilola Adegbite next month. See her tweets below

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Jim Iyke finally proposes to Nadia Buari with 6-carat diamond ring | photo

Jim Iyke finally proposes to Nadia Buari

Jim proposed to the Ghanaian Actress on March 20, 2014 episode of his reality TV show, Jim Iyke Unscripted. With a 6-carat gold engagement ring in his hands, the Nollywood Actor proposed to Nadia in a London restaurant and she accepted the proposal. Nadia and Jim’s relationship has been in ...

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Jim Iyke involved in motor accident on set, another actor injured | Photo

Jim Iyke 2014 NaijaVibe

The actor who is well known for acting tough parts, was involved in a ghastly accident during robbery scene in a crime related movie with Jim Iyke and other actorss in Asaba, Delta State In the robbery scene, Jim Iyke was driving the vehicle during a ‘high speed chase’ while ...

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Nadia Buari & Jim Iyke turn musicians as they perform together | Photo

Nadia Buari & Jim Iyke turn musicians

These two are without a doubt one of the cutest lovebird celebs around today and we’re totally loving their every move. They shared this lovely photo of themselves performing live music together

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Nadia Buari shares cute photos of herself and Jim Iyke

Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke

Nadia Buari shared these photos of herself and her bff. They look so good together, we cant wait till they make it official

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Jim Iyke denies car crash rumours

Nadia Buhari and Jim Iyke NaijaVibe

Over the weekend, reports surfaced online that Nollywood star, Jim Iyke, had been involved in an accident, while driving a Chevrolet Camero belonging to Nadia Buari, in Accra. But today Jim has denied being involved in in any car accident. The reports further said he went into a coma following ...

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Jim Iyke & Nadia Buari taking a road trip (Photos)

Jim Iyke & Nadia Buari 2014 NaijaVibe

Who says a bad boy cant turn good. Who would believe Jim Iyke would become all lovey dovey and calm for a lady. Cute couple. We hope to hear wedding bells soon

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Nadia Buari denies posting photo of Jim Iyke grabbing her butt

Jim Iyke grabs Nadia Buari

This photo of BFFs Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari was posted on what is believed to be the actress’s instagram account. Now she claims it’s not hers.. too bad, but the main thing is, it’s her and Jim in the picture, unless of course it’s a photo-shop! See her denial ...

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Photo: Jim Iyke grabs Nadia buhari’s behind

Jim Iyke grabs Nadia Buari

These two should be our own Jay Z and Beyonce, their love keeps waxing stronger. The actress shared this photo on her Instagram page.

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Nadia Buhari sends a message to bloggers

Nadia Buari 2014 NaijaVibe

She posted this message below on her Instagram page, I don’t she has had much negative press so why bothering herself. Sometimes sleeping dogs should be left sleeping. Lol.. Except she is defending her boo Jim Iyke

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See lovely photos Nadia Buhari and mum in matching outfits

Nadia Buhari and mum in matching outfits

Jim Iyke‘s boo and Ghanaian actress shared these photos of herself and her mum in matching outfits. Now we all know where she got her looks from. Her mum is still a hottie!!

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I’m not classless – AY comedian to Jim Iyke

AY & Jim Iyke

I believe you all have watched the comedy skit by AY to promote his Easter AYLive show? Where he made a joke of Jim Iyke’s deliverance. Jim had tweeted at Ay calling him classless for using him in his advert. Jim tweeted: @AYCOMEDIAN People cross lines sometimes 4 relevance. It ...

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See the true story of Jim Iyke’s fight over $10,000 in Accra

Jim Iyke

Contrary to the reports that went viral yesterday that Jim Iyke was involved in a brawl in Accra where he tried pulling a gun on another man, Nana Kwesi who invited Jim Iyke to the Cahaya lounge where the incident actually happened, has laughed at how funny people twist and ...

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Jim Iyke engages in a fight over $10,000 in Accra

Jim Iyke NaijaVibe 2013

According to The Ghanaian Times Newspaper, Jim Iyke had a brawl yesterday, at the Crave Café at Adjiringanor, East legon in Accra. Jim walked into a café around 5pm and had an open confrontation with another guy who arrived 20mins before Jim in a black Range Rover with a Nigerian ...

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Jim Iyke and Nadia Buhari continue world tour, now in Zurich (Photo)

Jim Iyke taking Nadia Buari on a trip

Jim Iyke is sure living up to his promise to take Nadia on a world trip for her birthday, first was the romantic dinner in spain, a pink limo ride. Now, they are presently in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Jim Iyke ‘moves mountains’, gets Nadia Buhari a pink limousine (Photo)

Jim Iyke & Nadia Buari's romantic trip

Jim Iyke sure knows how to take good care of his lady and make her feel special. A world trip, a quiet dinner in Madrid, Spain and now a pink limousine. Now, I want to be Nadia). We wish them the best.

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Photos: Jim Iyke & Nadia Buari’s romantic birthday trip | Nadia in tears?

Jim Iyke & Nadia Buari's romantic birthday trip

Jim Iyke promised to take heart-rob Nadia Buari round the world on her birthday, and the Nollywood star is doing that. The couple had a ball in Spain yesterday, where they had a private dinner at DI Costa with Spanish Mariachi singing for Nadia

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See Jim Iyke’s birthday message to Nadia Buari.

Jim Iyke taking Nadia Buari on a trip

Jim Iyke told us a few days ago that he is taking his bff Nadia Buhari on a trip for her birthday. Her birthday is today, see his sweet birthday messages to her below, well according to him they are in Madrid now

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