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How a guy picked up a ‘mermaid’ at a club in Ikeja …… [Must Read]

So I saw this on twitter and decided to share it here. This guy went clubbing with his friend , his friend picked up a girl from the club. The girl was giving his friend a blow job on their way home on the third mainland bridge. The guy got ...

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South Africa’s President accused of Witchcraft after mermaids were seen in Nkandla’s �Fire Pool” | Photo

EFF’s motor mouth, Julius Malema, has accused President Jacob Zuma of practicing witchcraft. This is after two mermaids were found in Nkandla’s �fire pool”, allegedly alive and kicking. A leaked picture of the mysterious mermaids has been circulating social networks throughout the week, with many expressing their shock while others ...

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Lol : Ibadan strange fish is octopus � Police

The Oyo State police command, Wednesday, paraded the �strange fishthat almost caused stampede in Ibadan, Wednesday. While dismissing some reports that claimed the strange looking creature was a mermaid�, the Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Indabawa, said it was actually an octopus. He further stated that the creature ...

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Real Mermaid Caught On Camera

[youtube ogEbrEc_5OA 300 200] A real mermaid was seen in Kiryat Yam, Israel, by two tourists who where filming what they thought was a seal on rocks in Israel. They zoom in and what they saw was scary, it was a mermaid, She turns, saw the guys filming her and ...

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