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Must Read: 10 important tips for upcoming artists by Vavavoom of Skuki

Skuki - Gbemileke Video BTS

Va Va Voom of Skuki shared 10 important tips for upcoming artists on his twitter page I’v got 10 points I want to share wit upcoming artistes.. I’m not where I want 2 be yet but av bn around for sometime n I’v got some xprience & insights I can ...

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Ex gf of Vava Voom of Skuki exposes their phone-sex pictures (Photos)


This is the latest mail we got this morning from a supposed ex of Vavavoom from the group Skuki,she prefers to be anonymous about her name and claims she had a sexual relationship withvavavoom which lasted for 3months.. He broke her heart and she is very angry with him, she ...

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