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From Buddy To Hubby – Pre-wedding Photos And Amazing Love Story Of Alex and Adaeze

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Friendship – How it all began Our story is a unique one or at least we like to think so… Some 8years ago a young computer geek an undergraduate at the time came to do some computer related work for my daddy , usually when daddy’s ‘boys’ come around I ...

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Pre wedding photos and beautiful love story of Imoh and Eseosa

Here’s the pre-wedding photos of Eseosa and Imoh. Looking at the photos, you would know Eseosa is a lively, friendly and energetic person. Imoh who I have known for quite a while introduced Eseosa to me some months back and its pleasing to know they are walking down the aisle ...

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Meet the woman who’s about to marry a man who jilted her on four different weddings

This is a very intriguing story of love and patience.. This 37yr old beautiful lady has been jilted 4 times by her 67 year old fiancee and she hasn’t given up as she hopes this time, the wedding would take place.. For those who love to read.. enjoy… Below… The ...

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