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Dencia shares shocking throwback photos

dencia 300x2971

This is Dencia before Whitenicious at 19/20 years. But why is she sharing Black and White photo, we want the colored

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Oloshii, Useless man – Dencia blasts NAFDAC boss


Director General of the National Drug Law Enforcement few (NAFDAC) “said if they see Dencia, she would be arrested for selling Whitenicious because it causes cancer.. Well, Dencia dug up a photo of him at a fair and White event..and she finished the man.lol..If you live in glass houses dont ...

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Dencia set to launch vibrating vaginâ wash

After the success and popularity that came with Whitenicious, Dencia is on the move again as she is set to launch� deep cleanser Vibrating Vagina wash machines. They are supposedly going to be used for cleaning the vagina 3 times a week! So ladies would you buy this?

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Lancôme will never pay you as much as I earn – Dencia blasts Lupita again

Dencia again took to social media today to diss Lupita and her new deal as the face of Lancôme. She said Lupita ‘still gonna answer yes ma’am’ while she is a CEO and entrepreneur and� Lancôme will never pay her what she makes in a month.

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Dencia replies people who criticised her for charging Oprah for an interview

� When she posted the mail she received from Oprah’s Own network , many criticized her for wanting to collect money before appearing in the documentary which is about Light skinned girls. Many felt she should be happy to be given such opportunity and publicity but Dencia thinks otherwise see ...

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Oprah Winfrey to pay Dencia to have an interview with her?

  Dencia shared the screenshot on her BBM display picture yesterday. Oprah Winfrey Network wants to interview her for a new documentary film titled ‘Light Girls’ and Dencia obviously asked to be paid From the mail above, they are actually considering paying her. Dencia is going places o!

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NAFDAC plans to ban Dencia’s Whitenicious Cream!

The Gist around town is that the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration, NAFDAC could ban Dencia’s Whitenicious 7 Day Fast Acting Spot Remover cream from entering the country because the product has not been approved by the Food & Drug administration. The goal of NAFDAC is to �safeguard ...

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Dencia lands TV interview with Oprah Winfrey Network

The Cameroonian pop star has been invited by�Oprah Winfrey‘s �Oprah Winfrey Network � OWN” for an interview on a new documentary titled ��Light Girls. According to an e-mail which made its way online, the doc is inspired by a film by�Bill Duke�titled�Dark Girls. The documentary sparked a lot of conversation ...

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You talk about bleaching, but still taking pics with Rihanna- Dencia to Lupita

Dencia is still�pained with Lupita’s speech..Here is what she wrote on Instagram “The Media has told their version about how the Lupita Dencia ish started & claimed it was Dencia when I didn’t know this woman until she mentioned me & I can Authoritatively tell u she lied about�the letter,someone ...

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Revealed: Dencia paid Perez Hilton for publicity for Whitenicious

USA based� Nigerian/Cameroonian singer, Dencia has been getting a lot of buzz in international�media�for her�skin bleaching�cream, ‘Whitenicious’. She has been featured in the Daily Mail, Ebony and others for her cream which she recently claimed has made her over 1million dollars. She even went on to brag on social media ...

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�Whitenicious is an abomination” � DailyMail reviews Dencia’s dark spot remover cream

Dencia seems to be getting in the spotlight over controversies from critics who don’t seem to be in support of her Whitenicious skincare product. DailyMail in a recent article decided to take an indepth look on her beauty product and controversies surrounding it. Here’s how they’re reporting it below; A ...

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Dencia finally admits Whitenicious cream will bleach your skin


She has stated clearly so many times that Whitenicious is not a bleaching cream and even threatened to sue anyone who makes such claims Here’s what Dencia said in the interview with Ebony Magazine: EBONY: So you know there’s been a lot of buzz about you on the internet here lately. ...

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Dencia threatens to sue any media platform claiming Whitenicious causes cancer

Dencia is angry with media platforms claiming her Whitenicious could cause cancer and she is threatening to sue any of such write up .She has said it’s a spot remover but people keep insisting it’s for bleaching… But Dencia, this cream has made you popular and people who will buy ...

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