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Taraji P Henson stuns on the cover of Allure Magazine, July issue


As the cover girl for Allure Magazine’s July issue she is glammed up as 70s queen, Diana Rose. Her curly hair and light makeup make her glow with style.
The actress, 44, talked about many issues in her life including her journey to Hollywood, why she never dates her co-stars and getting pregnant at an early stage.

On Her long journey to Hollywood success:

�I’ve been preparing for this since I first came to Hollywood, 26, broke and with a kid. I always knew I would make it,” Taraji says. �I didn’t know when or how, but I knew I would.”

��If it’s easy, what story are you going to tell?��Nobody wants to hear about how easy it was. That doesn’t inspire anyone.”

On not dating male costars:

I always wanted to be known for my work, not who I was dating. Not who I slept with. I have a gift, and my gift is acting. I started in the business at 26, so I knew not to blur the line between reality and fantasy. I knew if i slept these guys they would never want to work with me again. Why would they? The conquest is up and now I’m just a used up piece of p*ssy.

On her �Empire” co-star Terrence Howard’s legal troubles:

�Let’s pop the trunk to your life and see what’s dysfunctional and what’s bad…. At the end of the day, we’re all human and we got flaws and we got shit.”

On her early days doing hair in her apartment:

�Oh, yeah, I knew how to hustle and make money. We used to do wet sets…. I bought a hooded dryer, and I had my box of rollers,” says Henson, who also taught herself to do nails. �I could have gone to jail; I had no license whatsoever. But it was just my friends. They were like, ‘Girl, hook me up.’”


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