Thank God For Igboho’s Life By Living For Humanity – Gani Adams

Sunday Igboho
Sunday Igboho
Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, Gani Adams has come out to congratulate Chief Sunday Adeyemo popularly called Igboho on his 49th birthday anniversary.

He recently revealed this via a statement to the press, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, Igboho reaching 49 years old in life is a milestone and sign of maturity and the best way to thank God on his life is by living for humanity.

He then urged the Nigerian and Benin Republic Government to release the activist from the Benin Republic detention where he is currently on trial.

His words, “Whether Sunday Igboho is with us now or in Republic of Benin, I think we owe him a duty to celebrate him on the special occasion of his 50th birthday anniversary.”

“The struggle for the liberation of our race is one struggle that cannot die, and no matter the threats or injustice meted out to each and every one of us by the Federal Government, we remain unshaken that the struggle for a just society where life is meaningful is a dream that can only become a reality in a Yorubaland.”

“So, I am using this opportunity to urge all the six governors in the southwest to press on the Federal Government to release Igboho unconditionally. That is the only thing they can do to justify their positions and strengths as true ambassadors of the region.”

“I once celebrated one of my birthdays in detention and in those trying moments, I felt the urge never to look back but look up to God and that actually raised my spirit that whether now or later justice will triumph.”

“I will be set free from the bondage of injustice. And it all came to pass Unfortunately, this same experience is playing out in the case of Igboho as he turns 50 today, but I am sure that he will surely be set free because the activist is not fighting a wrong cause but a cause for the liberation of our race.”

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