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The Current State Of The Nigerian Economy Will Only Make Sense To Wicked Leaders – Ayo Olorunfemi

Bola Tinubu

Bola Tinubu

Deputy National Chairman of the Labour Party, Ayo Olorunfemi has come out to say that Peter Obi never said he was going to remove the fuel subsidy.

He recently had his say while speaking to the press, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, Peter Obi meant he would remove the fraud in the subsidy if he was elected, unlike Tinubu would has decided to remove it completely and increase the sufferings of the people.

Ayo added that the current state of the economy will only make sense to the wicked people.

His words, “You didn’t get him well. He said the fraud in the subsidy will be removed. How can you say because some people are stealing your subsidy and that subsidy is the one that is giving life to Nigerian people, and you know some people are stealing it, instead of catching the thief, you are removing the subsidy so that Nigerians can die the way they are dying now. Does it make any logical sense? In any case, why should you have plenty of cassava on your farm and you go and sell the cassava to somebody who will produce the cassava and begin to sell it to you at an exorbitant rate? Why should we have plenty of crude in Nigeria, but we don’t have the finished product? And yet some guys will go to the creeks and set up local refineries and produce petrol or diesel and waste the rest. If those guys can do it up to that point, why not encourage them, organise them, regulate their activities, and let them continue to produce AGO in surplus?

If AGO now begins to sell for N30 per litre, what will it cost me to go and change my engine to an AGO-compliant engine? Therefore, the cost of energy will be reduced locally. Then you can sell your crude to the international community. Must you sell your crude and buy it back by way of refining? It doesn’t make any economic sense. If it’s making economic sense at all, it is to the wicked people. The people who want to make money from the blood of Nigerians and that is exactly what is happening. So, to say there is no solution to this issue is to lie because there is a solution. What does it take to refine? Now, all the refineries are not working, and an individual can construct a refinery. He has built the refinery in Lagos, and the government cannot maintain its own.”

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