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The Igbo Region Just Want An Environment To Unleash Its Political Talent – Uzodimma

Hope Uzodimma

Hope Uzodimma

The Imo state governor, Hope Uzodimma has come out to say that the Igbo people need a constitution review that would give them justice and equity and not secession.

He recently revealed this at the opening ceremony of the National Assembly Constitutional Review Committee Public Hearing For the Southeast zone chaired by the former governor of Abia state and currently, a Senator, Orji Uzor Kalu, tagged as “proposed alteration to the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

According to him, the cry for justice and equity shows that the Igbo region simply want to be part of the decision making in the country, while having an environment created for them to unleash their potential and talent without hindrance.

He added that Igbos also want to treated equally like every other part of Nigeria, because that is the least they deserve.

His words, “For us as true leaders, genuinely committed to the Igbo question, the question agitating our minds is. What exactly does Igbo seek from Nigeria? Without sounding simplistic, what we seek is justice and equity. When we talk of restructuring or devolution of power, we are talking actually about having an environment created for us to unleash our potential and talent without let or hindrance. We are also talking of being treated equally like every other part of Nigeria. More importantly, we are talking about being part of the decision-making process in Nigeria. It means we are not talking of domination or secession.”

β€œIn my mind, Ndigbo are better off being part of the larger Nigeria with vast opportunities opened to us than being confined in a separate space with limited opportunity. In every part of Nigeria outside the South East, we form the second largest population. As an itinerant group, we move around to expand our economic frontiers. As citizens of Nigeria, we are afforded that lease of Life. Our people are suffering harassment in South Africa and Ghana and other countries. Is that what we want to bequeath to our younger generation if, in hastily contrived indignation, we abandon our heritage in Nigeria?”

β€œSo my dearest brothers and sisters, we need Nigeria just as Nigeria needs us. Whatever be our grievances against the system, we have a golden opportunity to seek redress under the upcoming constitutional review. What we seek is justice and equity for our people to thrive. And for that, we owe nobody any apology. But we cannot achieve it through violence or threat of secession. It is through an avenue like this that we put forward our request and follows it through.”

β€œI, therefore, appeal to our youths to listen to the voice of reason. What an old man sees sitting, a child cannot see even if he climbs an iroko tree. Let us to the path of peace. All shall be well. If we remain firmly committed to the unity of Nigeria we shall get all we seek.”

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